Learning How to Learn to Play Fighting Games

Sajam talks about how to approach learning fighting games
By on June 9, 2020

Sajam discusses learning how to learn to play fighting games.

Sajam is a player, streamer, and professional commentator best known for his analytical style, sharp wit, and immaculate ad segue-ways. He’ll likely be heard commentating some of the biggest FGC events there is like Combo Breaker, CEO, and EVO. Sajam is also well known for his streams and YouTube clips where he’ll drop some knowledge about how to play fighting games and advocating roll back netcode.

Sajam talks about the pitfalls and misconceptions about learning fighting games. He addresses some points like how it’s not possible to learn everything all at once and the fact that people learn in different ways. He then gives advice on ways to approach learning fighting games by having a balanced mix of match experience and learning the game gradually and much more.

Check out the full video to learn how to learn better here below:

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If you’re interested in diving into this topic and learning from a scientific expert, this free course by Dr. Barbara Oakley is great for understanding the science behind learning.

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