Learn the Lore of King of Fighters and Other Fighting Game Franchises

ShoryuGame tells us the stories of some of our favorite fighting game characters
By on June 29, 2020

The story in fighting games tend to be very hard to follow. Every character typically have their own stories that end up being non canonical. These stories also tend to be broken up across multiple games, making it difficult to follow what exactly is going on with any given character. Here’s where ShoryuGame is here to help put the pieces of these stories together.

ShoryuGame is a YouTuber whose channel has a big focus on the lore of fighting game characters. He tends to focus on telling the stories of characters from the SNK franchises like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters.

In this video, ShoryuGame tells the story of Vanessa, the mercenary boxer from the King of Fighters. She’s a widow with a child who joins a mercenary group to avenge her husband. She is also one of the very first women boxers in fighting game history who focuses on speed over power.

Learn more about Vanessa’s story in the video below:

Be sure to check out ShoryuGame’s YouTube channel here for more lore videos.

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