Learn More About The Humans Of The Fighting Game Community On Some Random

By on February 24, 2020

In the Fighting Game Community, the phrase “some random” is most often used as a term of derision or dismissal. Those who lose to an unfamiliar face in a bracket often say that they were beaten by, for instance, “some random Leroy” or “some random Eltnum.” But for over a year, Jose “SrirachaFlash” Gaitan has been working to take the stigma way from the label “some random.” On his podcast of the same name, he shows that all of the “randoms” in the FGC are interesting and unique individuals.

On most episodes of Some Random, Gaitan and his guest cover three broad subjects: who they are, how they got into fighting games, and what they get out of being in the FGC. (Full disclosure: I was the guest on episode two.) Along the way, he uncovers many hidden corners of the community. After only forty-nine episodes, he’s talked with world record holders, tournament organizers, streamers, coaches, and more. In some of the most interesting episodes, Gaitan brings on people who are on the periphery of the FGC and talks to them about their view of the FGC. These episodes, which he calls “Some Casual,” offer important insights about how we can grow and become stronger as a community.

You can find Some Random on just about every podcast service: Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, the Podcast App, and so on. But to catch Some Random when it goes live (or to be a guest yourself!), follow Gaitan on Twitter and Twitch.

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