Lauren Shiba, The Red Samurai Ranger Joins the Battle for the Grid

By on September 15, 2020

Lauren Shiba enters the grid as a playable character in Battle for the Grid.

Lauren Shiba is the older sister of the former Red Samurai Ranger, Jayden Shiba. She was hidden at a young age as a part of plan to protect her so she can perfect a “sealing symbol” technique. She returned to the Shiba house to take over the role of the head of the Shiba household.

Lauren is shown to have great mix up potential along with great range with her sword strikes. She has a lot of the Iai style strikes that covers a good amount of the screen and her upward sword strike seems to give some great solo combo potential. She also has a nasty double jump cross up move that will catch anyone asleep at the wheel and could be nearly impossible to block with the right assist. The fire butterfly attack she has seems to give great lock down potential to allow for a free high-low or cross up mix up.

Check out the game play trailer for the Red Samurai Ranger below:


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