Koefficient Shares His Granblue Fantasy Versus Season 1 Tier List

By on April 3, 2020

Koefficient shares his Granblue Fantasy Versus Season 1 Tier List

Koefficient is a fighting game player and YouTuber that focuses primarily on Anime style fighting games. His GBVS tier list uses the tried and true X/Y axis grid with a twist. The Y axis is standard with the tier level, but the X axis is set from Honest to Cheap.

We can see that his top 3 are Gran, Lancelot, and Ferry. These are definitely great picks for this stage of the game as they all have some tools that are very hard to deal with. Gran has his infamous boot that is extremely fast and tends to be safe. Lancelot has his fireball that leaves the player without much options in the neutral than to guess between dodging or blocking it. Ferry has her super long range normals that can lead into really tricky setups.

Check out his full tier list here below:

Check the full video here below to listen to the explanations of his picks:

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