King of Fighters XV Character Reveal Trailers Roundup

See all the new characters being announced for KOF 15
By on January 29, 2021

The latest iteration of the long running 3v3 fighting game is finally showing off its characters. King of Fighters XV is the second mainline title to utilize a 3D graphics engine and has definitely improved it by iterating it with Samurai Shodown.

When these character trailers drop, the Fighting Game Community is always quick to analyze what may be possible in the game. A big question is whether EX moves will be locked or not behind MAX mode and it hasn’t been clear with the trailers shown so far. A few other mechanics that XV has borrowed from its predecessor is the wall mechanics when it comes to the blow back attack, causing wall sticks and bounces. Lastly, SNK has not yet confirmed if there will be roll back netcode or not, and the FGC is waiting with bated breath for this confirmation.

In any case, the FGC is pretty hype to see SNK giving us another KOF and we hope the best for this title.

Check out all of the characters revealed so far.






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