Improving Your Live Stream Video Quality on a Budget

Offcast shows us some stream tech and great recs on gear to get that crispy video
By on July 29, 2020

Streaming has become a standard form of entertain for anyone who dwells on the internet. So the interest for live streaming on the internet is even higher with the pandemic keeping people at home. But the equipment needed for a decent stream tends to be pricey. So here’s where Offcast can help with improving your stream on the cheap.

Louis “Offcast” Vigil is a prominent streamer and content creator for the Fighting Game Community. He was best known for the earlier days of streaming locals with FG@UCI, Wednesday Night Fights, and other SoCal events. He then moved to work for streaming tech company, Xsplit, for a number of years before moving on for new career opportunities. He’s now regularly creating content on YouTube for streaming and fighting game related content.

Offcast goes over his tips and pitfalls to avoid when looking to upgrade your stream quality. Louis shares a little tip with using a technology called Nvenk, some advice on the requirements for a laptop, and how to set it all up.

Check out the full video with gear recommendations below:

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