How To Think About Your Fighting Game Match-Ups

Sajam breaks down the thought process of approaching your matches
By on June 24, 2020

The “match up” is one of the biggest elements of strategy development in fighting games. Thinking about match ups help players to ascend from the plan to just hit buttons and hope you win. So then the question is, “how does one go about thinking about match-ups?”. That’s where Sajam comes in to help answer that very question.

Sajam is a player, streamer, and professional commentator best known for his analytical style, sharp wit, and immaculate ad segue-ways. He’ll likely be heard commentating some of the biggest FGC events there is like Combo Breaker, CEO, and EVO. Sajam is also well known for his streams and YouTube clips where he’ll drop some knowledge about how to play fighting games and advocating roll back netcode.

Sajam lays out these questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. Who is the aggressor in this match?
  2. What is my opponents win condition? How are they trying to beat me to win?
  3. How does your opponent react to where you are on the screen?

Check out the full video here below to understand how these questions help you figure out how to approach the match:

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