How to Hit Some Real SoulCalibur Combos

Party Wolf shows us the deal in SCVI
By on March 18, 2020

Combos are a staple of nearly every fighting game and all of them come with quirks in their combo systems. SoulCalibur VI is unique in that it seems that people can suddenly block or avoid juggles and leave you wondering why.

Party Wolf is a SoulCalibur player and is one of the best Kilik players in the world. He was winner the last chance qualifier and tied for 5th place in the SoulCalibur VI World Invitational with Kilik.

Party Wolf is here to help answer those questions and clarify how the combo system in SCVI really works. He goes over the following systems that set the game apart from most other fighting games:

  • Air Control
  • Ukemi
  • Choosing Combo Enders
  • Ring Positioning
  • Soul Charge
  • Character size

He shows how these mechanics help defending players but also shares what to look out for to optimize or mitigate these defensive moves.

Check out the full video tutorial below to level up your combo damage:

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