How to Build a Team in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

Lord Knight gives his tips on team building with the new meta
By on March 13, 2020

Lord Knight gives his tips on team building for the new meta in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Lord Knight is a master anime fighting game player who originally was a Smash Melee player but transitioned to anime fighters around 2010. He’s been a force of nature in almost every major anime fighting game like Persona 4 Arena, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, and now Dragon Ball FighterZ. He often shares great insight on how to play fighting games on his Twitch streams and YouTube channel.

LK takes the changes of Season 3 into consideration and shares his insights. He then gives some examples of how good teams tend to get formed. Here’s some of the major highlights from the video:

  • C assist character should generally be the anchor
  • Many more characters have lariat and beam type assists
  • More character are viable to allow the DP + block stun assist combination

Check out the full tutorial video below:

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