How the Worst Tournaments Led to Bettering the Fighting Game Community

Offcast shares how a disastrous tournament org helped the FGC to stay true to itself
By on September 24, 2019

Louis “Offcast” Vigil (@offcast) has dropped some FGC History with stories of some of the first majors that were blunders. Offcast analyzes how these mistakes helped to get us where we are today.

The infamous, John Nelson, ran Active Gamers aka Tournament Legacy, which ran 3 notably bad tournaments Triple Threat and Revelations 1 & 2. They were poorly run tournaments that didn’t pay out properly or not at all.

Triple Threat took place at an airplane hangar that was converted into a community center and it was FREEZING inside. The tournament took way too long and the players were outraged when the payouts were withheld. Revelations 1 & 2 had a similar story of the tournament not being run well with payouts being absent.

Special guest, Alex Jebaily (@CEOjebaily), talks with Offcast to share about how he built CEO by involving the community as its prime focus.

See the full story as told by Offcast below:

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