How the Tekken World Tour is Growing the Fighting Game Community

Offcast analyzes how the TWT helps the local FGC scene
By on August 21, 2019

The Tekken World Tour (TWT) is the premier tournament circuit for Tekken 7.

It is an 8 month tournament series that allow players to qualify for the World Tour Finals. Players will compete to earn points from Dojo, Challenger, Master, and Master+ events. The top 19 point leaders (and 1 from a Last Chance Qualifier) will duke it out to be the champion at the World Tour Final.

Offcast (@offcast) gives his take on why the TWT not only helps the top players but everyone who wants to play Tekken throughout the world. Richard Brojan (@biankeenee), Tournament Organizer of Rev Major, also gives his personal experience with how the TWT has helped the local fighting game scene in the Philippines.


Check out the full video below:

For more info on the details of the Tekken World Tour, you can find them here.


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