How The Fighting Game Community Is Stepping Up Under COVID-19

By on April 6, 2020

In the past few years, the Fighting Game Community has been fortunate enough to witness the rise of multiple professional world tours. But COVID-19 has put all of those tours on hold, thereby removing a significant source of support for the community. Ryan “Saint Cola” Collins, a Chicago-area writer and commentator, recently took to Twitter to ask how FGCers are supporting their scene in these trying times.

So far, the community has responded with a wide range of answers, including:

  • Organizing, competing in, and commentating for online tournaments
  • Streaming training sessions and ranked/casual online play
  • Creating video, audio, and/or written content: match analyses, event recaps, memes, interviews, podcasts, game theories, etc.
  • Donating to events
  • Sharing FGC content in both FGC-specific and non-FGC-specific gaming forums
  • Helping other players work through matchups or other challenges

If you have something good to add to the list – or even if you need something that you haven’t been able to find recently – tell Collins by tweeting him @_saintcola. Make sure that you follow him, and make sure that you tag @toptiergg, too, so that we can help you out. Together, we can keep the FGC going strong!

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