Hold Back to Block Interviews Woolie Madden About His Work Getting People into Fighting Games

Woolie chats about his career in FGC "Let's Play" videos, and his efforts to bring more players into the fold.
By on July 24, 2020

Hold Back to Block, the fighting game documentary series, has released a new video featuring long-standing community icon Woolie Madden. In the half-hour feature, Woolie talks about how fighting games shaped his life and career.

Woolie walks through playing fighters as a kid in Montreal, and how the genre helped him connect with kids in the bilingual city. He goes on to break down the evolution of his fighter-focused videos, including early skits with fellow Super Best Friends member Matthew Kowalewski.

The interview also looks into Woolie’s time with the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu, and the evolution of the iconic brawler “The ‘Baz.” The ‘Baz appears in the indie darling fighter Dive Kick and, thanks to Woolie’s Kickstarter contributions, Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible.

Ultimately, the video highlights Woolie’s long history of teaching new players about the fighting game genre. From his early skits like “Fighterpedia” on, Woolie has used the “Let’s Play” format to champion fighting games in a way that few have done since. Check out the feature for more on Woolie’s history.


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