Hold Back To Block Interviews Amanda Stevens

By on August 25, 2020

Though 2020 has been a hard year for the Fighting Game Community, it’s also been a time of reflection, commitment, and activism. As we’ve reported here at toptier, the FGC has raised thousands upon thousands of dollars this year for charitable causes, from the Special Olympics to Black Lives Matter and more. One of the most successful so far was Transitional Combat, a Street Fighter V event organized by Amanda Stevens.

This is the subject of the latest video from Hold Back To Block. In it, Stevens, a longtime content creator in the FGC who has recently stepped into an advisory role on matters of diversity and inclusion, talks about her work in the community and explains where we need to go from here. Judging by her success with Transitional Combat, we’re off to a good start: the tournament’s original fundraising target was $1,000, but, thanks to Stevens’s hard work and the generosity of the community, it ended up raising nearly $10,300.

Of course, our community is still far from perfect. But people like Stevens and events like Transitional Combat help to move us in the right direction. Watch the full interview below, then follow Stevens and Hold Back To Block on Twitter. To support Trans Lifeline, visit their website.

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