Hilde Announced as First Season 2 DLC for SoulCalibur VI

The queen of Wolfkrone returns to the stage of history
By on November 2, 2019

Hildegard “Hilde” von Krone is the first DLC character for Season 2 of SoulCalibur VI.

The announcement was made shortly after the conclusion of the SoulCalibur VI World Invitational tournament. (Congratulations to Skyll who took first place)

Hilde is born the daughter of the king of Wolfkrone, a fictional European kingdom hidden within Germany. She was forced to take up the throne after her father went mad from the Evil Seed of Soul Edge. Her fighting style is ‘‘Große Erbschaft” which allows her to freely alternate between using her spear or her sword.

Hilde was the center of controversy during the SoulCalibur IV competitive era. Her design is to charge A or B and fight while losing access to the held down attack button. But she had a bug that allowed her to charge her buttons while still being able to use any attack. This gave her access to more moves than intended that allowed her to do an easy ring out combo from almost anywhere on the stage. There were campaigns to ban her but too little was done too late and it caused the competitive community to dwindle.

Despite this sour history with the character, the SoulCalibur community is extremely excited to see her back on the stage of history. It will be interesting to see how Namco Bandai decides to balance her in this new game. Will they keep the extra button charges but balance with it in mind or stick to how she was originally designed? We’ll find out soon when Season 2 drops.

I personally think her new design donning the crown and Wolfkrone plate mail is absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait to see her in action in Season 2.

See the full reveal trailer below:

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