Heidern Trailer Released for KOF XV

By on October 13, 2021

A new trailer has been released for King of Fighters XV, this time showing the commander of the Ikari Warriors: Heidern. It looks like SNK is keeping some room for stylish combos in the game, which they weren’t afraid to show off with his combos throughout the trailer. While fans have mentioned that some special effects still look a bit strange with the new graphical style, plenty of Heidern’s animations looked impressive and clean, along with his constant posing. With reviews about the current gameplay coming out, interest in the game seems to be growing beyond simple excitement for a character or two. SNK seems to be putting an earnest effort into making KOF XV an interesting KOF title while iterating and evolving on ideas they brought into the series with KOF XIV. Of course, time will tell how the system balances out, but with hopes for a beta on the way, fans are chomping at the bit to play some KOF.

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