Haohmaru Gameplay Trailer and Release Date for SoulCalibur VI

Watch the vagabond ronin embrace death on the stage of history
By on March 26, 2020

Haohmaru’s announcement at EVO Japan 2020 gave us only a taste of what we can expect to see of the rugged samurai and how he’d play. Now we get to see much more with the new gameplay trailer that Bandai Namco dropped today.

Haohmaru has all of his signature moves like the tornado projectile, his hop overhead slash, and his DP. His Soul Attack (236A+B+C) seems to be like a Tekken style 10 hit string and his Critical Edge is, of course, his super special move from Samurai Shodown. There’s some nice touches in his design with giving him his rage mode red skin when he’s Soul Charged.

Haohmaru, his stage, and costume creation set D will be available to download on March 31,2020.

Watch the full game play trailer to see all of this for your self:

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