Guilty Gear Strive 2nd Open Beta Details and Changes to Lobby System

See when you can play in the second beta and all the details of changes so far
By on April 28, 2021

The second open beta test for Guilty Gear Strive has been officially announced.

The dates for the second and likely final beta will be from May 13 at 10pm PDT to May 16 at 7:59pm PDT. The game will be available to pre-download on May 7th at 8pm PDT. If you already have the client from the 1st beta test, it will automatically update for you. The systems that will be playable for the beta are Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 and crossplay will be available.

This second beta will have the entire initial roster available to play. This means that I-no and Anji will be playable to round out the characters that weren’t available in the first beta.

The lobby system will have some much needed improvements this time around. There will be battle stations where players can post up to be on standby to play. This will greatly reduce the amount of confusion that comes from trying to match up by playing the chicken game of posting up or joining. There will also be a rematch function where in Ranked you can rematch 3 times (or until your floor changes) and unlimited amount in the “Open Park” as long as both players agree. There will also be some unlisted improvements, so we’ll have to see once we get our hands on the beta to report on this.

There are also some interesting battle balance changes that will be present. Arcsys list the following:

  • When the same move is used more than a set number of times in a combo, the opponent will fall more quickly
  • Aerial actions cause recovery on landing
  • Jumps and air dashes now cover less distance
  • Airborne state starts later after inputting a jump
  • 6P has been adjusted to work as an anti-air (dependent on the character)
  • Hitboxes for 6P have been expanded upwards, and hurt boxes are lowered and the attack is active for longer
  • Recovery time has been increased after blocking an attack while mid-air
  • Various character adjustments have been made

A few UI improvements have been made to the game for the online play. Ping (ms) and rollback frames have been added to see the connection health of your match. The devs request to report the numbers of the ping and rollback frames for any issues such as poor connection

Source: Arc System Works

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