Grappler Featured in Latest DNF DUEL Trailer

By on December 1, 2021

Yet another trailer has been released for the upcoming DNF DUEL, this time showing off the Grappler. DNF DUEL has been on a roll with trailers lately, and while so far this is still a character we have seen before, we are beginning to see more of characters’ move lists that we haven’t seen previously.

The male counterpart to the Female Fighter class’s representation, the Striker, Grappler looks like a more interesting take on a character than you would think for someone whose name is literally a mainstay character function. While it appears he has a command throw and air grab, it looks like both could facilitate combos with the special move canceling system in the game. While he doesn’t look like his primary focus is landing something like an SPD, throughout the trailer we see the grappler literally throwing his opponent around the stage, making for some dynamic-looking combos.

He’s throwin’

With now being approximately the time of the typical DFO Universe Festival, where DNF DUEL was teased as a concept, and news for the game suspiciously ramping up around this time, it seems we can expect trailers for the remaining known cast to be released in the next few days, hopefully culminating in some sort of more detailed gameplay/package reveal. Stay tuned for more info.

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