Granblue Fantasy Versus Version 2.40 Patch Notes

By on February 23, 2021

Here’s the patch notes for the latest version of Granblue Fantasy Versus direct from the source! Check out the character adjustments and also the single player mode changes at the bottom.

Character Adjustments and Bug Fixes


*Base damage is an attack’s minimum damage value. Even if the damage is lowered due to damage scaling during a combo, the value will not go below the base damage. But it will be affected by the damage scaling depending on the amount of HP depleted (guts value).



















Single Player Mode Adjustments

RPG Mode

The following new quest episodes have been added.
Episode 46: “Beckoning Shadows”
Location: The Grandcypher
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 45: “Captains’ Will” (Normal)

Episode 47: “Return of the Ruler”
Location: The Grandcypher
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 46: “Beckoning Shadows” (Normal)

Episode 48: “Ruptures”
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 47: “Return of the Ruler” (Normal)

Episode 49: “Overcoming Causality”
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 48: “Ruptures” (Normal)

Episode 50: “For the Sake of the Skies”
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 49: “Overcoming Causality” (Normal)

The following new weapons have been added.

  • Scythe of Belial (SR/Dark)
  • Sword of Valorblaze (SSR/Fire)
  • True Infernal Flamescythe (SSR/Fire)
  • Wrathfire Longblade (SSR/Fire)
  • Ultima Spear (SSR/Fire)
  • Wand of Charmtide (SSR/Water)
  • True Glacial Dream Staff (SSR/Water)
  • Dante Alighieri (SSR/Water)
  • Ultima Blade (SSR/Water)
  • Ring of Wandergale (SSR/Wind)
  • Arkab Prior (SSR/Wind)
  • Ultima Staff (SSR/Wind)
  • Gauntlet of Proudearth (SSR/Earth)
  • True Judgement Lyre (SSR/Earth)
  • Last Sahrivar (SSR/Earth)
  • Ultima Sword (SSR/Earth)
  • Harp of Everlore (SSR/Light)
  • True Purity Sunblade (SSR/Light)
  • Flamma Orbis (SSR/Light)
  • Ultima Axe (SSR/Light)
  • Scythe of Darkherald (SSR/Dark)
  • True Phantom Demon Blade (SSR/Dark)
  • Advocatus Diaboli (SSR/Dark)
  • Bab-el-Mandeb (SSR/Dark)
    *Certain weapons can be obtained through “Forge Weapons” in Siero’s Shop.
    *Certain weapons can also be obtained through the newly added quest episodes.

The following new treasures have been added.

  • Void Fragment
  • Abyssal Wing
    *These items can be obtained through specific quest episodes.

New rewards have been added to existing quest episodes.

  • Episode 9: “Primal Beast Ares” (Hard)
  • Episode 18: “True Power Revealed” (Hard)
  • Episode 26: “Boundless Delusion” (Hard)
  • Episode 34: “The Rose Trial” (Hard)
  • Episode 38: “Skyfall” (Hard)
  • Episode 40: “The Absolute” (Hard)
  • Episode 45: “Captains’ Will” (Hard)
    *The new weapons and treasures are available in Ver. 2.41.

New bonus missions have been added.

Certain weapon skills have been adjusted.
The critical hit rate has been increased for all Verity skills.

Fixed an issue where an 8th weapon grid was displayed before starting a mission.
*If the 8th weapon grid already had a weapon registered, the target weapon will be unequipped.

Fixed an issue where unique sound effects for certain weapons were not properly playing against enemy Imperial soldiers.


New trophies have been added.


Multiple replays can now be favorited or removed at once.

Victory animations during replays can be skipped by pressing the R2 button.
*A control guide is planned for implementation in Ver. 2.51.


Monthly Win rankings can now display past battle records.

■Battle Pass

Battle Pass challenges can now be confirmed on the results screen for every mode.
*Information will be displayed only when one or more challenges have been fulfilled during battle.

Source: Granblue Fantasy Versus Official

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