Granblue Fantasy Versus Season 1 DLC Roster Revealed – Djeeta, Narmaya, Soriz, Chaos Bringer

A ton of new info coming from the Granblue Festival
By on December 14, 2019

The Season 1 DLC for Granblue Fantasy Versus has been revealed!

Cygames made the announcements at Granblue Fantasy Festival happening in Japan. We’ll be getting 5 characters for the Season 1 DLC, 4 of which have been revealed so far.

Season 1 DLC Characters

Chaos Bringer

The RPG Final boss is premiered! Watch out for the “Hooded Figure” Chaos Bringer and his partner in crime, Belial. He will also be playable in late February!


Narmaya is a quick-draw character. You can switch between two different stances- “Dawnfly” and “Freeflutter” -each of which allows her to use different skills, for a highly technical fighting style. She will certainly be an advanced character, releasing in early March.




Soriz is a pure rushdown character, his style is described as “an excellent hand to hand combatant.” His Super Skybound Art is a buff that enhances all of his skills. He will release in early April.



Djeeta is a jack of all trades character. Like Gran, Djeeta offers a simple, well rounded play style that is quite effective. Expect to finally play her in early April.


See the full character reveal trailer below:


Mystery Character #5

The announcement will come on Granblue Fantasy’s 6th birthday live broadcast in March of 2020.


The trailer for the villains of the GBVS story was also showed:



Belial is one of the villains of the story who will be available as part of the Season 2 pass.


Other News

Invitational GBVS League

Cygames is partnering with RAGE eSports to bring an invitational GBVS League that will have a grand prize of 3 million yen ($27,400 USD).

Gameplay Adjustments

Spooky reports that there were some game play adjustments that were mentioned in the announcements for GBVS:

  • Walk and dash speed generally improved
  • Tougher to die from chip, but still possible
  • Graphics greatly improved


Extra DLC for PS4

  • PS4 Custom themes will be added


DLC Rewards for Mobile

There will be rewards for getting the season pass for players of the Granblue Fantasy mobile game:

  • Chaos Bringer: Obtain one weapon not yet released on GBF early
  • Narmaya: Special outfit
  • Soriz: Special outfit
  • Djeeta: Special class outfit for the main character


Character Color Packs

Here’s some screenshots of the a few alternative color palettes for the main roster.

Source: @TeamSpooky

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