Giovanna (And Spectral Pup) Announced For Guilty Gear -Strive-

Plus a special hint for the game's biggest fans
By on October 12, 2020

the teaser image for giovanna's release trailer

Aside from the obvious, there are a few things that almost everyone in the Fighting Game Community loves, including breakfast cereal, pro wrestling, and dogs. If you’re one of those canine connoisseurs, then the latest Guilty Gear -Strive- trailer from ArcSys will have you wagging your tail. It announces the arrival of a new character named Giovanna, who adds to Strive’s slick aesthetics with both her kick-heavy martial-arts fighting style and her partner, a supernatural, aquamarine wolf. We don’t know much about her story or background. For the moment, we don’t even know her dog’s name. But she’s already a fan favorite, so look for plenty of day-one Giovannas once Strive drops in a few months.

This brings the total number of revealed characters to thirteen, meaning that only two remain in the starting roster. One of those two makes a surprise appearance at the very end of Giovanna’s trailer, which you can watch below. We won’t spoil who it is, but here’s a hint: it’s a moment for big fans, and it’s a character who will blow you away. So check out the trailer and get hyped for the latest addition to the Guilty Gear universe!

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