GGPO is Back! – The SDK Website for GGPO Has Been Relaunched

By on October 4, 2019

The GGPO Software Development Kit (SDK) website has been relaunched.

GGPO is a popular rollback net code program that was utilized and adapted from for several 2D fighting games (Street Fighter: 3rd Strike Online, Skullgirls, Divekick, Killer Instinct, and more). The Fighting Game Community (FGC) has been on the warpath to demand better online play for the current generation of fighting games.

The war cry for better net code seems to have been heard loud and clear. The recent story of Kamone Serizawa, main battle planner and programming lead of Under Night In-Birth, shows that developers are seeing the demand for good net code.

This excitement seems to have stirred Tony Cannon (@pond3r) to revive the SDK site sooner than later.


And sooner was only 2 days. See Tony’s official announcement and the link to the SDK site here:

The website contains information about the software and sample code available to download for evaluation. If you want to consider implementing GGPO for commercial use, you will need to license it.

*Update* Tony Cannon has shared the Japanese language version of the GGPO SDK site.


*Update 2* GGPO is now available under the MIT license, which allows for commercial and non-commercial use for free. Attribution is appreciated but not required.


Will this be the start of a rollback net code revolution for fighting games? And will Sajam’s net code crusaders win the war against delay-based net code? Only time will tell.

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