Garou Mark of the Wolves Gets Rollback Netcode in Update

By on January 22, 2020

Garou: Mark of the Wolves has just received the version 1.03 which includes rollback net code.

The modern port for Garou on Playstation 4 was developed by Code Mystics, who specializes in both the emulation and remastering of older video games for modern systems and porting of indie titles. The Code Mystics version has reportedly received the rollback update.

See the patch notes of 1.03 from the update screen shown by Ray Outland:


The steam version was developed by DotEmu, a French developer that specializes in modern releases of retro PC games. But this version has now been updated with the Code Mystics version of the game along with all the other available modern releases on GOG and Playstation Vita.


For those wondering about the quality of the net code, #1 Garou player in the world, Giby has this to say.

These are the other features according to the developer:

  • Cross-play with friends on either PS4 or Vita or play with the whole world in online multiplayer using Code Mystics’ proprietary FOCAL online technology.
  • Cross-save functionality allows you to save progress and stats to share between the PS4 and Vita.
  • Compete on a multitude of leaderboards for world supremacy.
  • Unlock beautiful Mark of the Wolves and Fatal Fury series art in the gallery and trophies for your challenging progression in the game.
  • Revel in the original Garou soundtrack while in the game menu.
  • Pick a favorite art piece from the dazzling selection to frame all of the action!


Score another win for the Netcode Crusade. Let us know which version of the game you’re playing on so we can fight.

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