FV Cup 2019 Samurai Shodown Offstream Matches

Watch these off stream matches from the Malaysian Samsho scene
By on August 28, 2019

FV Cup 2019 just finished over the weekend of August 24 in Malaysia. It was primarily a Tekken tournament that was TWT ranked where our new Pakistani overlords have dominated once again with Awais Honey taking it all.

They also held a Samurai Shodown side tournament recorded on the good ol’ shaky cam. Thanks to Infinite Carnage, we can enjoy some great Samurai Shodown play from the Malaysia FGC.


Rajaberas (TamTam, Wu) vs InC_Hakkai (Ukyo) – Losers Quarters


FalconSpeaRs (Ukyo) vs VGD (Charlotte) – Losers Quarters


Rajaberas (TamTam) vs WayneNewb (Darli) – Winners Semis


0rez (Shiki) vs FalconSpeaRs (Ukyo) – Winners Semis


VGD ( Kyoshiro) vs InC_Hakkai (Yashamaru) – Losers Semis


InC_Hakkai (Ukyo) vs FalconSpeaRs (Ukyo) – Losers Top 8


J]-[UN (Ukyo, Charlotte) vs VGD (Charlotte) – Losers Top 8


WayneNewb (Darli) vs VGD ( Earthquake) – Losers Finals


WayneNewb (Darli) vs 0rez (Shiki) – Winners Finals


0rez (Shiki) vs VGD (Charlotte, Kyoshiro) – Grand Finals


For more Malaysia FGC content, check out Infinite Carnage’s YT channel.

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