Frame Data Coming to Tekken 7 with Season 3 DLC

DLC 13 is frame data display and a ton more features coming soon
By on October 26, 2019

Namco Bandai has announced that DLC 13 of Tekken Season 3 is frame data display in training mode.

Player Frame Info

There will be an detailed and simple display for the frame data. The display will be available in other modes outside of training mode like player match.

Detailed display will show the values of the startup, frame advantage, character state, and distance from the opponent.

Simple display will color code the character with red or blue. The shades of red or blue will inform the intensity of frame advantage. Meaning light red being slightly unsafe, deep red is super unsafe, light blue is slightly safe, and dark blue is very plus on block.

This DLC is paid as it is part of the Season 3 pass, but no details were revealed for a standalone price.


Free Updates for Season 3

Practical Sample Combos

There will be more practical combo lists from all launchers (aka combo starters).

This will help players be able to pick up a new character and learn good damaging combos. This new feature will relieve the need to scour the internet for combos.

Punishment Training

A new punishment training mode will allow you see what punishes are available against any move.

You can toggle available punishes and practice them by cycling through them. Some of the features will be randomizing the move cycles and the option to make a target reticle appear to show where the attack will hit.

Replay and Tips

The replay and tips function will enhance learning while watching your own replays. Messages will appear on screen for when a punishment is missed. This will help you to realize the options you had during a match.

The sample combos and punishment training tool will be available in winter of 2019. The replay and tips function will be available shortly after.

New Challenger

The final announcement was the addition of Harada…. just kidding. It is a free “Bearded Man” Harada custom costume item set.

This is a first in Tekken history and a truly revolutionary advancement in fighting game training. Much of the community has suggested to offer in-game frame data as DLC for a long time. I know I’m very excited to try these new features when they are released.

You can watch the full announcement from the Tekken stream archive here:

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