Find Out Where Jovian “Shen Chan” Chan Ranks The Soul Calibur VI Cast

Good news for Raphael and Sophitia players
By on March 2, 2020

With multiple appearances in the finals of the Evolution Championship Series, Jovian “Shen Chan” Chan is a bona fide Soul Calibur stud. Just last month, he rode Tira to a fourth-place finish at Evo Japan. Today he released his tier list for season two of Soul Calibur VI, which we’ve embedded below.

Chan’s list only has three tiers: A+, A, and A-. The differences come down to “how oppressive these characters can be in either fixed situations, burst periods or for some, the entirety of the match,” he says. Although the gaps are small, he says that the two most improved characters this season are Raphael and Sophitia.

Check out his full list below, then throw him a follow on Twitter and Twitch to keep up with one of the all-time Soul Calibur greats.

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