Fighting Game Love Letters: Street Fighter V

By on February 14, 2020

Dear President of our Planet Earth,

I write this missiv to you in Gratitude and thanks for your servis to the Nation and world. For many long months we labord in the battlefields of Street Fighter V with no hope of bypasing the neutral Phase in favor of unopposable offense. As I pen this letter I recall with great sorrow my earliest assays, when I carried the heavy wayt of Laura and Bolrog & was burdend with the scant 1 or 2 Mixup options inherent to those personages. I say to you, good Sir, that your arrival was welcome as a bolt of the Sun’s own light or a warm meal to the hungry. Your august presence has altogether eased my hardships & soffened the harsh blow of knowing that my prior mains will find no place or home in this new and confounding game.

With unending regard, I am, forever in your debt,


Eli Horowitz (@BODIEDnovel) did not serve in the Civil War, but he can do a pretty passable imitation. His first novel is set in the FGC.

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