Fighting Game Love Letters: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

By on February 14, 2020

“Who’s Pringles? Where’s ya curleh mustache?”

Nah, man, where Captain Commando at?

Red shades, blond hair, gold star on the chest

One button anti-air assist? Hell yes!

But, look, okay, I confess: on his own I guess the man is just decent at best

Easy to test, won’t get you stressed, tier lookin less Kanye than Delonte West, can’t take you for a ride cuz his neutral’s a mess–

But, ay, look, what you really expect, though?

This CapCom still better than Capcom netcode

Twenty years old and still taking sets, so

I’ll say it loud enough to make sure that it echo:

That’s my man hundred grand and I’ll never let go!

For more #randomfgcbars, follow Eli Horowitz @BODIEDnovel on Twitter. His first novel is also set in the FGC.

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