Fighting Game Community Members Nominated for the Esports Awards 2020

This year we have 2 nominees for the 2020 selection
By on August 31, 2020

The Esports Awards is back again for another round of giving accolades to professionals in the Esports world. This year, the selection for Fighting Game Community members is very sparse likely due to the lack of events

Esteban Martinez is a content creator that focuses on the Fighting Game Community. He’s made many amazing documentaries on games like Killer Instinct and Under Night In-Birth and features on members like Amanda Stevens and Core-A Gaming.

You can vote for Esteban Martinez under the ESPORTS VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR category here.

Stephanie “Vexanie” Lindgren is a photographer that often shoots for FGC events. She has captured many great moments like Arslan Ash’s reverent bow for his EVO victory and of course Tasty Steve’s hype levels jumping him up onto a desk.

You can vote for Stephanie under the ESPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR award here.

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