Fighting Game Based on Animal Memes, ‘Fight of Animals’ Features Roll Back Net Code

The maker of Fight of Gods brings you Animal Meme Fighter
By on December 19, 2019

Fight of Animals has just released on PC for steam today.

The creator of the game, Digital Craftor, seems to have an affinity for fighting games and a great sense of humor. The biggest kicker is that they actually made the game with a ton of great features, the biggest one being roll back net code.

They haven’t explicitly advertised the roll back net code or what type they use. But the official Fight of Animals twitter account has confirmed it is some form of rollback.

Other great features they’ve included are:

  • 8 Player Lobbies
  • Assist Mode (2 Button mode for new players)
  • The ability to watch matches mid-set

The cast of characters are based on funny photos made of animals that have spread throughout the web. MonkeyFunGod has shared all the photos that the initial roster is based on.

The characters are hilariously named as follows:

  • Power Hook Dog
  • Mighty Fox
  • Magic Squirrel
  • Walking Cat
  • Crowrilla
  • Muscle Beluga

See the full release trailer below:

Check it out on the steam store page here.

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