Fight of Animals Coming to Switch, 2 New Characters, and Patch Notes

By on February 20, 2020

A source from OneAngryGamer reports that Digital Crafters has announced a Nintendo Switch version of Fight of Animals is coming sometime in March. Along with this 2 brand new characters were announced as free unlockables, Tricky Fox and Bad Dog. These two characters are suped up evil versions of Mighty Fox and Power Hook Dog.

Digital Crafters also released the latest patch notes for their game alongside the new characters.

  • Added new animals “Tricky Fox” and “Bad Dog”.
  • Changed the opponent list in arcade mode.
  • Can unlock two new animals by passing arcade mode once. (Any level)
  • Adjusted character select page layout.
  • Tricky Fox move chain is 6S > 6S and 6S > 4S.
  • Bad Dog move chain is 6S > S > S.
  • Fox JH damage decreased (60 > 45).
  • Magic Squirrel 5H decreased hit box size, reduced the forward force.
  • Magic Squirrel hands hurt box increased.
  • Magic Squirrel 4S decreased hit box size.
  • Crowrilla adjusted 6S and 4S to increase the combo stablilty.
  • Crowrilla 6S increased push force.
  • Crowrilla 6S > S increased push force and added corner push.
  • Crowrilla 4S reduced forward force and added corned push.

Source: Steam

Final Boss, Tricky Fox!

Final Final Boss, Bad Dog.

And for those who may have missed it, Fight of Animals also added Slender Cat as the first extra character to their roster this past January.


Be sure to support this indie title by purchasing it on their steam store page or grabbing it for the Switch in March.

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