FGC Woke Explores Social Justice Within The Context Of The Fighting Game Community

By on April 20, 2020

Despite the name we give to ourselves, most of us in the Fighting Game Community are looking for something more than a game. We’re here because we’re seeking respect, belonging, or an opportunity to build a legacy. But for some of us, social prejudices make it harder to join, stay, or flourish within the FGC. This is the main subject of FGC Woke, a new podcast.

Produced by Jeannail “Cuddle Core” Carter, one of the world’s strongest Tekken players, and Alicia (a.k.a. aliciaxlife), CEO and owner of Accelerate Gaming, FGC Woke covers the hosts’ “triumphs and struggles within the scene” along with news and other miscellaneous topics. In doing so, Carter and Alicia are helping to ensure that all of the community’s voices are heard and that we don’t let important subjects get swept under the rug. You can check out the most recent episode below. When you’re done watching, be sure to support the podcast on Twitter and Patreon.

Watch FGC WOKE (Episode 3) : Real vs Fake from cuddle_core on www.twitch.tv

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