FGC History: The Clash of a Titan vs. a Phoenix in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

jmcrofts relives the rivalry of Marvel 3 gods Kane Blueriver and Filipino Champ
By on March 5, 2020

Kane Blueriver and Filipino Champ were gods of Marvel vs Capcom 3 that went head to head at Winter Brawl X in Pennsylvania, USA.

Kane Blueriver is the Evo 2015 UMVC3 champion who is best known for using big body type characters. His play style is geared towards finding powerful options that lead to inescapable sequences that deals round ending damage.

Filipino Champ is the Evo 2012 UMVC3 champion who is best known for heel-style attitude in the Fighting Game Community. He isn’t afraid to exert his confidence because he backs it up with deadly precision in his gameplay.

A big rivalry started to boil between the two players after KBR’s win at Evo 2015. It all came to a head at Winter Brawl X in 2016 which started with a heated ‘first to 15’ exhibition. They then met again in the grand finals of the main tournament itself for a dramatic conclusion. Jmcrofts does an incredible job with setting the stage of this match up and analyzing the key moments of their fight.

Check out the full history video here below:

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