FGC History: Santhrax vs Duc Do – $6K Marvel vs Capcom 2 Grudge Match

jmcrofts relives the hype and the rivalry between 2 of the greatest Marvel vs Capcom 2 players
By on December 27, 2019

jmcrofts walks us through the hype money match between Duc “Ducvader” Do and Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

John “jmcrofts” Crofts shares the history of this big first to 7 money match that took place at EVO 2006. Duc had dominated 2 Evo tournaments and Sanford challenged him to a match that would have $6,600 on the line. With Duc repping the west coast and Sanford the east, the popularity of MvC2, and the amount of money (this was a ton at the time) cranked the hype to 11.

In the video, Croft also goes over the dynamics and the philosophy of both of the teams each player used and commentates on the key moments that made the difference in this match.

Watch the full video here to relive this moment in FGC history:

If you want to watch the entire set, check out the whole thing here:


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