Take The Throw

Monthly on Saturdays

About Take The Throw

Take the Throw is the London Monthly Event, for Fighting Games!

We will be running tournaments for various games. But even if you don't compete, or play the tournament games seriously, we will have plenty of setups for Freeplay and for various other games

Game Information

Registration Information

Event Details

Venue Fee: £5 UNIST Entry Fee: £5 Other Tournaments: Free Tournament Entry

Cash only payments at the door.

Date: Saturday 27th April Opening Times: 12am – 9pm

Tournament Details

Signups will be on the day. Signing up via Smash.GG is just for showing interest


Can I bring a Console to play stuff?
Sure! We should have around 10 Monitors to play with, so if we have any spare, it will be fine to set up
Will there be all day Freeplays?
As long as there isn't a tournament in progress for said game, there will be Freeplays
I have some questions, who do I ask?
Join this Discord and ask in here! https://discord.gg/wBGvcnP




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