Synthwave X

University of Toledo Engineering Campus
Weekly on Sundays at 3:30 pm

About Synthwave X

The premier weekly tournament series in NWOH, hosted every Sunday at the University of Toledo's Engineering Campus, featuring Smash Bros. Ultimate and Street Fighter V!

Game Information

Registration Information

Event Fees

  • $5 Entry Fee per Event
  • $5 Venue Fee

If you bring a full tournament legal setup (Monitor + Switch + official Nintendo GameCube Adapter, PS4 + Street Fighter V), your venue fee will be refunded.

Additional Information


What is the schedule?
3:30 PM: Registration and Venue Opens
4:45 PM: Registration Closes
5:00 PM: Ultimate Starts
5:15 PM: Street Fighter V Start
10:45 PM: Clean Up
11:00 PM: Leaving the Venue



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