RIT FGC Locals

RIT Institute Hall room 1180
Weekly on Fridays at 6:00 pm

About RIT FGC Locals

We love to get together and play all types of fighting games. We meet Friday nights from 6pm to 12am in Institute Hall room 1180. Starting at 8pm, we run our weekly tournaments. This year our staple games are Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Street Fighter V. We also have one more tournament that is a different game every week based on the community's interest. If tournaments aren't your thing or you are looking to just hang out, feel free to come and meet people and play some casual sets. We have a wide selection of games that people play and you can usually find one person to sit down and play anything.

Game Information


What is RIT FGC?
We are a student-run club at Rochester Institute of Technology that hosts a weekly meetup(open to the public) every Friday that the campus is open
When does the campus close?
While not up to us, the campus usually closes for severe weather conditions and during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.
1 Lomb Memorial Drive isn't Institute Hall!! HELP!!?!
There is no street address for Institute Hall because it is on RIT's campus. It is by Parking Lot J and F and has a big sign at the top of it that says RIT. If you are using Google Maps, you can type in 38PC+49 Chili, New York and that will get you there.




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