Fighting Friday Tekken League

East London Fighters
Bi-Weekly on Fridays at 7:30 pm

About Fighting Friday Tekken League

The Fighting Friday Tekken League (FFTL) is a short series of Round Robins, each one carrying its own set of league points for those who make it to the top 8 in each session. At the end of the four preliminary round robins, the leading top 8 will duke it out in a special double elimination tournament with a minimum pot of £350 as the the prize for the top three. The supreme champion will also be the winner of our very first custom League Cup trophy!

Registration Information

Each league night has an £10 entry fee, with points awarded to the top 8 of each session. These points are accumulative, meaning that they contribute to your total final amount. The final is free to enter for those who have gained enough league points from the round robin stage.

Entry to each round robin session is limited to 24 entrants


Do you use Matcherino?
We've added Matcherino to the league, giving you an opportunity to help make our trial league become a success! You can help to make the prize pot grow for free by visiting our donations page ( and using one of the following two options:

1.Use the coupon code - FFTL

2.Following the sponsor quests

Both of these are free and cost nothing but 30 or 40 seconds of your time.

Alternatively you can add huge amounts to the pot by buying one of the many items listed on the Matcherino store. Remember, ELF doesn't see a penny from this so anything you decide to do to help is always greatly appreciated. We'll have the same Matcherino donations page throughout the competition so you can see how your contributions have made an impact!



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