Core Gamer Treff – Street Fighter V

Bi-Weekly on Thursdays

About Core Gamer Treff – Street Fighter V

Core Gamer Treff is your local Fighting Game Dojo in Moenchengladbach Germany North Rhein Westfalia Area.
Established in 2019 we have been helping to grow the FGC as well as other dedicated hardcore Gaming Communities.
We have our own venue which is 100 square meters with screens and cables waiting for you to bring your console and play.
And in our retro corner you can enjoy all the old classics from Capcom, SNK and many more on all the 16 and 32 Bit Consoles ontrue CRT tubes for the maximum retro feeling.

Game Information

Registration Information

When we host tournaments we usually have a created shortly before the tournament. But you can also always register on site.
Payment in general is always on site only and not up front via paypal.

Additional Information


How much does it cost?
Pay per day: 5 Euro for students - 7,5 Euro for everyone else.
If you want to come whenever and how often you want there is a monthly supporter fee of 20 euros as well.
How's the skill level?
We have quite experienced amateur Fighting Game Players especially in the Street Fighter, Tekken and KOF Series but also beginners and intermediate skilled players.
Everyone is welcome! We like to help and teach Fighting Games to new Players!
I’m not from Germany. Can I come as well?
Yes absolutely we would love to get in touch with foreign people and show you our scene and Germany in general and we can probably even host you during your stay in Germany.




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