ChattaCup: Road to Final Round

CM Games Hixson
February 17, 2019

About ChattaCup: Road to Final Round

New Year, new season of ChattaCups. CM Games has been awesome enough to let us come back. We will be holding this Pre-season ChattaCup on 02/17/2019 (Sunday). This time we wanted to do something a little special. First place in every game will get their Venue Fee and 1 game paid in full for FR 2019 (If you have already signed up we will reimburse you for the Venue fee and up to 1 game). With that being said… ITS MAHVEL TIME BABY. We are running a UMVC3 bracket this time around along with Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Games and Prices:
Venue Fee: $10
Dragon Ball FighterZ: $5
Tekken 7: $5
UMVC3: $5
CM-Games 593 Northgate Mall Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37415

On-site and Registration will be from 12pm-1pm
Tekken 7: 1PM
If you have signed up on you do not have to be there for the on-site registration time, but please try and be there at least 15 minutes before your game starts.

We will need a minimum of 2 setups per game.

Please have all DLC for the games you bring

Bringing a setup with DLC will get your venue fee reduced to $5

Casual setups are welcome for any game people want to bring

Prize Pot:
8-15 Players: Pot will be split 70/30 for First and Seconds place. 16+ Players: Pot will be Split 65/25/10 for First, Second, and Third

Game Information

Registration Information

Register through the

On-site Registration will be going until 15 minutes before the game starts

The is set up for cash only so you can sign up anytime beforehand but not have to pay till the day off.



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