Celtic Throwdown 2020

September 12, 2020 — September 13, 2020


Why attend CT?
15+ Official Tournaments with publishers pot boosts & 4 pro tours representation for SFV:AE, Tekkne 7, Smash Ultimate & MK11: Current & retro games

Proven Staff: CT’s core staff has established itself as one of the Fighting Game Community's finest. Our team includes members of the Irish & UK FGC who have decades of tournament experience.

6 live streams, 2 live Stages & 4 big viewing screens in the main arena!

New for 2019 are additional Eire Dash & Retroom areas

World Famous Gaming Quiz - Test your might and prowess against the greatest minds in the FGC.

Streams: 9 CT tournaments on stream with feature Top 8 stream time

Live Commentary: CT's tournaments feature curated amateur & professional commentary for all streamed games

Free wifi: Available for all attendees

Capped Registration: To support an optimal attendee experience Celtic Throwdown 2019 will have a registration cap of 600




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