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About Caliburst

Caliburst is a recurring Northern California monthly tournament series that occurs every first Saturday of the month.

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What's the address for this place and what are the policies?
Read the first post in this thread:
Can I bring my friends here?
So long as they read and agree to this post first. You are responsible for anyone you bring over.
Where can I park?
The parking map is attached here. Red zones you should not park in. Yellow zones you can park in, but shouldn't hang out with friends/smoke/play music in. Green zones are free for parking.
Where's the trash can?
Out the rolling door there is a can for cans, plastic bottles, and garbage. The rolling door closes at 10pm, so go out the front door and around. Please empty your liquids in the bucket by the cans before throwing away your containers. Please leave glass containers in the box near by.



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