Anime Ascension 2020

Atrium Hotel
February 14, 2020 — February 16, 2020

About Anime Ascension 2020

Anime Ascension is back again once again, on its traditional weekend! Taking place February 14th-16th, 2020 at the mighty Atrium Hotel in Irvine, CA., the West Coast's largest Anime-only fighting game tournament is back for a fifth year.

Game Information

Additional Information


Tournament Format
Tournament Format

All games will use default settings.
Pool matches will be best 2/3. Losers Final, Winners Final, Grand Finals will all be best 3 out of 5.
All Games are double elimination. Games with larger turnouts will be split up into Pool Play up until top 16 and are then played until the Top 8 players are determined for Finals.
Winners must keep same characters. If you choose Random Select to pick a character and win the match, you must Random Select your character again.
Check in / Roll Call
You are solely responsible for checking into your pool before the start time. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be either sent to the Losers Bracket OR disqualified at the discretion of the judge. If you are playing in more than one game, please notify the pool judges ASAP so you don’t get inadvertently disqualified.

NOTE: While we will try to do announcements/etc., it is UP TO YOU to keep track of time and know where you’re supposed to be, and when. Plan your lunches, money matches, nap times accordingly.
Basic Tournament Rules
If players cannot agree on which side to start on or which stage to use, they will play rock, paper, scissors, with the winner getting to choose. If you pause a game in the middle of a match, you will forfeit the round. Should this happen, inform a judge immediately.

NOTE: Should you pause a game more than once, you will be automatically disqualified from all tournaments you’ve entered at the event. Once can be chalked up to nerves/honest mistake; twice is being deliberately immature.

All controllers MUST BE wired. Wireless controllers are not allowed unless they are plugged in to the console. Cronus and CronusMax Wireless converters are also banned. All tournament participants are responsible for bring their own sticks/hitboxes/controllers. Also, all participants are responsible for making sure their equipment is in working order.

Another thing, for those using DualShock 4s, MAKE SURE YOUR CONTROLLERS ARE DESYNC’D AFTER YOUR MATCH! It takes a whole 10 seconds, so you have no excuses.

NOTE: Disrupting other tournament matches with a wireless controller will result in being disqualified and being removed from the event.

Turbo functions on all controllers are banned.

Collusion of any kind with your competitors is considered cheating and will result in the collaborating players being immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament.
Coaching is allowed during pool play, but not really encouraged as it causes delays in getting through the brackets in a timely manner. Coaching of any kind will NOT be allowed during any game’s final 8. Also, if it is determined that you are unfairly delaying the match through excessive coaching, you will be disqualified. If you haven’t figured out a match-up by the time you’re to play, it’s probably too late for you.
Payout Structure
Each of the official tournament games requires $10 to enter from each player. The entry fee money is all pooled together into what is known as the prize pot. In addition, some games will have pot bonuses provided.

The payout for each game is as follows:

For games with 51+ Entrants
1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 10%
4th Place: 5%
5th-6th Place: 3%
7th-8th Place:2%

For games with less than 50 entrants:
1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 20%

*Rules are subject to change without notice.




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