Dr. Cait McGee Visits The r/SF Radio Podcast To Talk Health

News flash: yes, you need to sleep
By on February 28, 2020

You may already be familiar with the r/StreetFighter subreddit and its weekly online tournaments, but did you know that the subreddit also has its own podcast? Now on its 127th episode, r/SF Radio is a rock-solid source of news not just about Street Fighter but about the entire Fighting Game Community. Past episodes have featured conversations about netcode, player sponsorship, mental health, and a whole host of other important subjects.

This week, host “Super” Joe Munday brought on Dr. Cait McGee, the lead physical therapist for 1HP, an organization that helps gamers to prolong their playing days by keeping them in tip-top physical condition. They talk sleep strategies, circadian rhythms, cat-wrestling, and many other fun and useful subjects. Whether you’re aiming for the top or just aiming to wake up feeling refreshed, it’s definitely worth a listen.

To learn more about McGee’s work with 1HP, visit their website here. While you’re browsing, listen to the entire show below, and be sure to follow McGee on Twitter and subscribe to r/SF Radio on your favorite podcast service.

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