Don’t Miss Combo Breaker’s Retrospective Stream

By on May 21, 2020

The pandemic shutting down our favorite events has been really hard on the Fighting Game Community. It was especially devastating to the community when Combo Breaker staff had to announce their cancellation. Despite the fact that they fought tooth and nail to get a new venue in record time added salt to the big wound. But thankfully, the CB staff just doesn’t know what the word quit means.

Combo Breaker is a staple tournament for the FGC that takes place every year in Chicago, Illinois. It’s reputation for having excellently run tournaments and tons of fun for every kind of person marks it as a must-go event for fans of competitive fighting games. The notable extras that make CB stand out are definitely the mystery game tournament and its 24 hour BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) area.

As mentioned, it was devastating for the community to hear of its cancellation, but in its stead they will have a retrospective of the tournament. There aren’t too many details about what will be shown, but we imagine there will be many great highlights of exciting matches along with the hype and stories that they carry.

Don’t miss it when the crew kicks off the show at 12pm Central Time on Team Spooky’s twitch channel.

See the official announcement here below:

Be sure to support the folks behind Combo Break by visiting their store here.

You can watch also watch the stream right here:

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