Detailed First Glimpse at UNICLR Changes from Redbull Loketest

Reioumu provides all the deets from the Redbull Conquest Demo
By on September 22, 2019

The Redbull Conquest qualifiers for had a playable demo of the next iteration of Under Night In-Birth. Both the Chicago and Philadelphia qualifiers got the first taste

Reioumu (@Reioumu) of Team Spooky spent 4 hours writing detailed notes about the changes observed at the Chicago Loketest (Location Test).

Remember that UNICLR has not been officially released, so this information is subject to change.

*I’ve added some of my own notes for clarification and speculation

System Changes

  • Vorpal cycle is 16 seconds.
  • Chain shift will pause Vorpal circle during meter gain.
  • If you CS while an opponent does an attack, they will have a red effect on them. (Probably to help the player see if they should reversal)
  • Unknown actor is a select-able song
  • You can choose to mute music. (Probably for video creators )
  • 5 new colors with same palettes for all characters.
  • Guard thrust is 63214D now


  • New move: 4B. He throws a small blood disc into the air at about a 30 degree angle and makes a puddle at the end of the move. You can aim it higher/lower by a little bit. Can CS (Chain Shift) only on hit.


  • New move: Grim Reaper>6X(any button). Same animation as the end of turbulence where he spins his scythe and knocks down. Spin whiffs on crouchers and can be interrupted easily. Can’t be combo’d off of without meter. (5A won’t link). The cancel window into it is small.


  • New airdash teleport, lets her float in air. She is in CH (Counter Hit) state during the move
  • New air skewer followup is a teleport. 4/2/6+button


  • New move: orbiter > 236C/646C (either works) This is his new laser move you see in the trailer. It is incredibly fast and you can combo into dash C on hit. Full screen whiff punish option.
  • Has about 10.5k HP
  • 5A seems to be bigger (same as sprite) [tested by Taicus]


  • New move: j.41236A/B/C. Linne does a downward strike with her large sword. Hits overhead Can combo into ground normals. Move is minus, but safe without shield. Decent pushback.
  • Air Kuuga can be IC’d (Increase aka chargeable) like ground.
  • You can airdash (Probably jump assault aka j.D) after air Kuuga with air options available.
  • 214C on block can be canceled or has little recovery.


  • Can backdash in flight, goes up back a short distance.
  • IC 22B puts a worm down that hits 3 times.
  • IC 236B wallbounces, and is at least -5.
  • 214A can hit airborne opponents


  • 5B hits crouchers are near max range now
  • Can cancel air Thanatos into FF (Force Function aka B+C)
  • C followup for Thanatos(no meter needed) is an upwards strike (looks like Guilty Gear Ky’s DP). You can combo off of it into 3B


  • New move j.623A/B/C. It’s like the ground 623 series, but in the air diagonally going slightly upwards. Can use other specials as followup j.623C is the new super in the trailer.
  • New fastfall followup 4A/B/C, feels like A blink, can be hit out of it.


  • New move 2BBB Like a yo-yo, pushes back on block, pulls in on hit, seems unsafe
  • B drill is a lot slower something like a 9+ frame gap between assault j.C land lowest B drill. Gordeau could 2B it
  • Autoguard stance, looks like her IW (Infinite Worth Super) in terms of stance. Can block multiple hits Loses to lows and throws Has 4 followups 2/4/6/8 + button when hit 2: gem 4: laser 6: ball 8: flash kick (seems to have invulnerability)


  • 236A/B has a followup 6X, pulls in. Sort of like Gordeau’s shade harvest (pull in). Very minus on block
  • 360A does 2080 damage
  • 720A does 2180 damage Charged FF wall bounces all the time


  • New followup. FF > A Yuzu dashes forward with a single stabbing strike. Special cancellable
  • 4B no longer hits enemies when countering projectiles, just deletes them instead. Special cancellable after deleting a projectile.


You can read the full tweet chain below:

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  • FlakeDR September 22 2019 04:29 PM

    I really hope UNICLR and GG2020 get launched on PC at the same time as PS4. Really sad for the people that are willing to buy the game on steam but have to wait months or even years for a PC release.

  • Choysauce September 22 2019 08:43 PM

    It would be nice, but I do doubt UNICLR will release at the same time as the console. Unless French Bread makes a concerted effort to get both out, but if I’m not mistaken they’re a small team, so it’s hard for them. The wait for UNIST between console and PC wasn’t as long as it was for UNIEL, so they probably will shorten the time somehow for this release.

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