Dead or Alive 6’s Next DLC Fighter is Tamaki from DOA Xtreme: Venus Vacation

Along with the swimsuit model fashion designer comes GUST CO cross over costumes
By on February 25, 2020

Tecmo Koei announces that Tamaki from the Dead or Alive: Xtreme Venus Vacation is coming to DOA 6.

DOA: Xtreme Venus Vacation is a gacha game for the PC. You control a character and have energy to do activities for the day whether it’s to play mini games or volleyball.

Tamaki’s back story is as follows according to the DOA Fandom wiki:

She had initially been a swimsuit model, although she eventually changed careers to become a fashion designer. She also became acquainted with Helena and DOATEC as well, even designing two costumes modeled after J-Pop Idols for an event at DOATEC. Through unknown means, she learned about the Venus Islands, and in particular the local Venus Festival, and desiring to “spread her wings” in an otherwise hectic life, she decided to arrive at the island to participate.

Tamaki’s inclusion is very interesting as she was never in an actual fighting game of the DOA series. So her fighting style will be a blank canvas for the developers to play around with.

Her release date has not yet been announced but will most likely be revealed when her gameplay trailer drops.

Check out the NSFW character teaser here below:


Alongside this announcement is the Season 4 DLC costumes which is a cross over with the niche RPG producer, GUST. The crossover features characters from the Atelier series, Ciel Nosurge series, and Nights of Azure. The costumes of the characters featured are as follows:

  • Lila
  • Ryza
  • Klaudia
  • Totori
  • Rorona
  • Meruru
  • Esty
  • Ion
  • Nelico
  • Marie
  • Elie
  • Iris
  • Shallie
  • Jurie
  • Sophie
  • Plachta
  • Arnice
  • Lilysse

The Season 4 pass will include 50 costumes along with the GUST cross over along with Tamaki and is available for the price of $90 USD.

The end of the announcement shows the scheduling for events in the DOA community and also some freebies. Honoka, Marie Rose, and NiCO will be available free to download from February 25,2020 to March 2nd, 2020.

Here’s the teaser trailer for the Atelier series crossover costumes:

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