Dead or Alive 6 Introduces Anti-Consumer Practices in Hair Color DLC

By on February 26, 2020

Nico is a new fighter introduced in "Dead or Alive 6." She is a scientist entrusted with a secret development project. (Koei Tecmo)

The latest update for Dead or Alive 6 in version 1.20 introduces the ability to change hair color for characters on the Playstation 4 version.

Typically this type of customization DLC in 3D fighting games allows users to freely select any style or color of hair that have been purchased or unlocked. But Koei Tecmo has taken a different approach to require a Premium Ticket every time the character’s hair color is changed.

Premium Tickets are the in-game currency that was designed to allow players to purchase characters and DLC individually. This is to help those who want only specific DLC items as opposed to purchasing entire season passes which usually go for $90 USD. These Premium Tickets can be purchased on the Playstation Network store.

Much of the community is expressing their disapproval of this exploitative system.

Hopefully Koei Tecmo will acknowledge the feedback about this practice and allow purchased hair color to be freely selectable after purchase.

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